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I have so many wonderful offerings brewing, and I am excited to bring some incredible experiences to you!


Whenever it is in flow along my travels I will be offering a sound bath journeys as well as periodically here on Kauai.


It is my intention to offer at least one wellness retreat a year with various collaborators, sharing with you a variety of wellness practices and  practitioners.  This is an opportunity for like minded people to come together, unfold deeper parts of themselves, and make soul connections that will last a lifetime.


I have been in collaboration with shamans and other plant medicine practitioners that I have personally worked with to bring you an opportunity to experience this sacred ceremonial container in a safe environment with trusted facilitators.


Have you ever wanted to visit pyramids, megaliths, natural wonders, or powerful portal sites around the world?  I will be offering spiritually focused destination retreats  to some of the most energetically charged places on the planet.  We will be able to experience their mystical energies, history, people, and culture in person.   I am inviting others to share in this experience and explore these wonders with me.  


I am currently working on a psychic development book that will be the companion piece to an in person psychic development class that I will be offering at various future venues near you!  It is my hope to start this offering by next year so stay tuned!

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Rishikesh October 3 ~ 17, 2024 (14 Days)

Varanasi October 22 ~ November 2, 2024 (11 Days)

"Intuitive Self-Development Through The Chakras"

In this course we will use the chakras as an explorative thread to carry us through Intuitive self development.  We will go far beyond. just the chakras, as I will be offering you all of my tools, and understanding of the energetic reality we live in.  This knowledge has been vital in advancing me in my own psychic development.  I will give you everything you need to help you better navigate the challenges you may encounter as an empath.  This coursework will empower you and help you open and develop your own unique psychic and intuitive gifts.  We all have them!  

Here is a tentative outline of the 7 week coursework.  Dates are confirmed though some content throughout the coursework may change. This is open to all people at all levels.  Registration closes on April 19, 2024. Attending the live classes is not required but encouraged.  It is recommended to take this course on a computer.  iOS integration is more expensive and will not be ready until the end of March.  OmniChakra Community members will be notified of iOS availability, so be sure to join the network if you have not yet.  It is free to join!


Module 1 is a pre-requisite to Module 2, which will be open for applications in June.  See more information below.

module 1-1.jpg

"OmniChakra Psychic Readers Course"




This course is only open for application to those who have completed module 1.  There is limited spaces and an application process to join.  To learn my modality of psychic reading, you will already need to showcase clairvoyant and mediumship abilities.  This may be revealed to you in Module 1.  All are welcome to apply.


Applications will open and June. Cost for this course is $1111 and will not have a payment plan.  If you are interested in attending this course please have your schedule open and finances in order.  Live class attendance is not required but strongly encouraged.  It will be more challenging to complete the coursework if you are not attending the live classes.  Those who complete all requirements for this training will receive a certificate of completion and be able to offer psychic reading as OmniChakra™ sessions.

Here is a look ahead for the schedule:

OmniChakra Module 2.jpg

If you are interested in being informed about future plant medicine retreats, please join this mailing list.

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