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I am a clairvoyant psychic intuitive energy healer and have the ability to see and understand how your metaphysical energy relates to your physical reality. I read your auric body and help clarify where your energy may be blocked or more in balance, along with providing messages from spirit to help navigate the most potent pathway to your personal healing.  I will help connect you to your personal power, assist with your auric clearing, and balance your chakras with intuitive guidance, energy healing,  and sound.  Some of my abilities include but are not limited to:

Do you desire deeper insight and understanding of your souls journey?


I see nonphysical realities and dimensions, surrounding energies, and auras.



I connect with conscious beings in other dimensions.  



I hear dialogue and sounds from other dimensional planes.  This includes residual sounds from this reality.



I see events from the past, and events and experiences from other lifetimes that have significance to what you are experiencing in a current lifetime.



I "feel" energy as though it were in physical form.



I pick up information from physical locations, touching objects, or by looking at photographs.



I sense immediate and instinctive insights that escape the normal thought process.


A psychic reading lasts between 1 - 1.5 hours.  The call happens on FaceTime, Zoom, or Skype. We have a thorough assessment of your entire spirit body by using the Chakra system. I help you understand how energy is flowing in both positively and negatively impacting ways and what you can do to help bring it into its fullest alignment. During a session I do distance energy work, carefully addressing all of the energetic imbalances brought up during the session and bringing them back into alignment. From there you will want to take the spiritual tools and guidance given to you during the session and apply them in your own personal work in order to get the most out of your experience.  The information that comes forward depends solely upon you and what is pertinent for your healing at that time, so relax, be open, and surrender any expectations.  You are welcome to take notes or record the session.  It is my hope that you feel lighter, brighter, more empowered, and have a greater sense of clarity moving forward. 


In person sessions work just the same as remote sessions but are conducted in my sound healing studio in Kapaa, HI.  They also include a personalized 30 minute sound bath in accordance to your specific needs.

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