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Would you like to be on my referral list?

Greetings Light Workers!


I often receive messages from people who are seeking spiritual & wellness support, and I am unfortunately unable to accommodate all of them because of my very full schedule. Even though I have capped a 6 month time limit on scheduling, that is still too long for some people who need assistance now, or for those that want continued support after a session with me. I am often asked to refer other therapists and energy workers.


I would like to offer an opportunity for you to be on my personal referral list. I will check out your services and potentially share your offerings to my own clientele. This is open to all in the healing arts, including body workers, energy workers, mental health therapists, sound healers, shamans, psychics, spirit mediums, medical mediums, other intuitive services, counselors, coaches, health advocates, nutritionalists, trainers, teachers, herbalists, astrologers, numerologists, holistic health practitioners, ect. 


I may want to experience your service myself, or send someone I trust to you to insure I am offering qualified practitioners to my personal clientele. I travel often so if I am in your area this will give me an opportunity to experience your service myself, or if you offer remote sessions I may request a booking. It may take me ample time to go through my review process, so don't be discouraged if you submit your information and don't hear back from me right away.  It is my intention to have you on an active list of consideration and once me or a trusted colleague have had a positive first hand experience with you, I will begin sending you referrals.

Please fill out this form thoughtfully, as I will use the information provided for your referrals.

Healing Arts Referral Application
How do you offer your services?
Please check one. Your answer will not effect my willingness to try one of your services, but may effect how soon I could. I will not extend discounted or free sessions to anyone but myself.
Please check all the contact methods you would like included on your referral profile as provided on this application:

Thank You!

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